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Article - Is it possible to reverse Type2 diabetes?

Author - Luisa Dillner

Article published by - The Guardian

Date article was published - 25 September 2017

Podcast - Diabetes remission - "treating blood glucose, when the disease is to do with body fat"

Description - Discussion with Professor Mike Lean about the analysis he co-authored which has been published on

Author - BMJ talk medince

Podcast publisher - BMJ talk medicine on

Date podcast was published - 23 September 2017

Article Type 2 diabetes is 'reversible through weight loss'

Description - Article in Medical News Today disucssing the Beating type 2 diabetes into remission paper

Author - Catharine Paddock PhD

Article published by - Medical News Today

Date article was published - 15 September 2017

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Article - Beat the blood sugar

Author - Nicky Pellegrino

Article published by - New Zealand Listener

Date article was published - 11 March 2016